Leadership & Staff

Third Church is Presbyterian, which means that we emphasize the role of everyday Christians in the life of the Church, from ministry on Sunday morning to our mission beyond our walls, but also in setting the vision for our community. Much of the ministry at Third is carried out by both staff and lay leaders (members of the congregation!). Meet some of these folks and find more information in each section below.

TO SUBMIT AN OFFICER NOMINATION: please visit our Officer Nomination page. Deadline: February 17, 2019.

Pastors and Ministry Leaders

Who are those pastors and staff ministry leaders you see on Sundays? See below for their roles and responsibilities.

pastor of discipleship & parish ministry

pastor of discipleship & parish ministry



d irector of connections

director of connections

P astor for worship and care

Pastor for worship and care

Theologian and Missiologist in Residence

Theologian and Missiologist in Residence

Administrative Staff

Our Administrative Staff keeps things going all week long from our Offices at 500 Forest Avenue, supporting the lay leadership and pastoral staff in all areas of ministry.  Find out who does what below.


If you are interested in learning more about the roles of our lay leaders: read more here. 

TO SUBMIT AN OFFICER NOMINATION: please visit our Officer Nomination page. Deadline: February 17, 2019.

Governing Elders (Session)

Governing Elders are Shepherding Elders who for a short term (3 years) serve in overseeing and leading the direction of the church. Our Governing Elders, together called the Session, is the group of 12-15 Governing Elders plus our ordained Senior and Associate Pastors who seek God's will for all aspects of our life together, from Strategic Planning to Personnel to Finances. Meet your Governing Elders, or reach out and contact them.

Shepherding Elders

We have a large group of Shepherding Elders which help to lead the Parish Life ministry, and serve as caretakers and spiritual leaders in their Parish Areas. They are nurturing the faith and life of our congregation. See list of who is serving as Shepherding Elders.


Deacons are elected by the congregation to lead the church in service and love. The Deacons are mature followers of Jesus who assist the elders by encouraging and stimulating the connection and care between people in the church and the extension of that to the community. They chiefly do this through our Parish Areas and Parish GroupsSee list of who is serving as Deacons.


Trustees are those the congregation elects to help manage and care for the facility and grounds and the organizational life of the congregation. They are employing wisdom to ensure that the care for and best use of the resources that God has given to the church. They are concerned with maintenance, improvements, matters of security and safety, good financial management, and policies that help use the church resources well. They make sure the lights are on and the AC is working! See list of who is serving as Trustees.

2019 Officer Nominees

As a church family, we’ll vote on our incoming class of officers (trustees, deacons, and elders) on November 18’s Congregational Meeting. Click the image below to get to know all the nominees!