Becca Payne



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Describe your primary responsibilities at Third:

My umbrella of responsibility is wide. It includes most anything that we see, touch, or interact with, and includes managing things like written content, visuals, our website, videos, event promotion, special projects, and many more… 

What are your favorite books?

Wendell Berry’s Hannah Coulter and Jayber Crow; Annie Dillard’s Holy is the Firm; Flannery O’Connor’s A Good Man Is Hard To Find (And also, for levity, anything by David Sedaris) 

What is your favorite thing about Richmond?

This is so hard for me to answer, but in summary I love the grit of this city – we’re definitely not lacking in character.

Tell us about your family: 

I am married to the creative and kind Chris Payne, and have three sisters and brothers-in-law who are my dearest friends. Chris and I spend much of our time with our people—family or otherwise—eating big meals, going to concerts, playing endless games of fetch with Wendell, our corgi, or going on walks with our daughter Nellie. 

Why are you excited to be a part of Third Church?

At Third, it seems that the community is always eager to see what the Lord will do next. People here are sensitive to the calling of the Holy Spirit, are excited about applying Scripture to their lives, and are resolute in bringing glimmers of His Kingdom here on Earth. It’s daily salve to my soul to be a part of this church.