At Third, we desire for everyone to be known, cared for, and encouraged to mature as disciples of Christ.

We believe that God is inviting us to participate in his grand plan to renew all things. Our Parish Life ministry is a reclamation of a historical and biblical vision for how we, as a church, build community, grow as disciples, and love our neighbors. It’s not meant to be another program or event on your calendar, but a way of life, intentionally lived alongside your neighbors so we grow as disciples and love and serve our communities. 

  • Parish Areas are simply geographic regions across metro Richmond that help us better serve our church family. Our elders and deacons are organized across these smaller areas, meaning the tangible care they provide is locally focused in the same neighborhoods where they live.

  • Parish Groups are communities of people seeking to follow Jesus together and extend his mission in a specific place. They are voluntary, open, and intergenerational! We hope to see everyone at Third be a part of a Parish Group near them!

We want you!

  • Find where you live on the map below to find your Parish Area. Click and drag to find your neighborhood.

  • Click on your parish area to find a Parish Group that works for your schedule. Contact the leaders listed for more information!

  • Having difficulty finding your home on the map? Contact Valerie, and she will help you!