Called Together: Fall Season Begins!


We believe that we are a people who are called together — we are called into community and we are called into service and into discipleship. So to that end, we are so excited for this fall where we are kicking off many different opportunities to do just that — connect, serve, and grow. 

Join us!

Connect with Community

Our community and discipleship life is really rooted in our Parish Groups and Parish Areas, which we invite every person at Third into. Each person is a part of a Parish Area based on where they live. And in your area, there is at least one Parish Group open and available to you to find community and opportunities to grow as a disciple and love your neighbors. Learn more here.

Serve your Neighbors

Beyond connecting with community, we desire each person at Third to be involved in direct and active outreach, loving our neighbors and sharing this Good News we hold. Here are few easy ways for you to meet new people, get involved at Third, and serve others, all of which are kicking off this Fall. 




Gather on Sundays

Sunday mornings at Third are always a hub of activity, and September is perhaps the most exciting time. We're kicking off new Sunday morning classes for adults, and our children and student ministries start up their yearly rhythms again. There is something for everyone and every age!

Explore the Bible

Apart from the classes we offer on Sunday mornings, we are also offering a special class exploring the Bible on Thursday evenings. Join us as we dive deep into the first books of the Bible, so we can better understand and be impacted by its message.

Serve on a Team

We wouldn't be able to open our doors on Sunday mornings if it wasn't for the many teams supporting all our different hospitality, childcare, and technical needs. Interested in help on Sundays, building community as you serve others? Learn more here. 

Visit our Events page to see a full view of everything coming up at Third this fall.