Be a part of our new hymnal collection for the Sanctuary!


This August we will be replacing all the old hymnals in our sanctuary with brand new hymnals, and we are really excited about it! Why, you may ask, would anyone be so excited about hymnals? First of all we are excited because of the hymnal itself. Titled “Lift Up Your Hearts” and produced by Faith Alive Christian Resources, this hymnal is an incredible resource full not only of hundreds of hymns, but also much contemporary and global music from around the world. All 150 Psalms are represented in musical form, and the hymnal also includes many different creeds, confessions and liturgical calls and responses. In some ways there could not be a hymnal that more faithfully reflects what we seek to do each week in public worship — drawing together ancient, traditional and contemporary music and forms, bridging cultures, and incorporating the Psalms and Scripture as much as we can.

But the other huge reason why we are excited about this hymnal is that it will be a wonderful tool for us as we press into our vision to be a church that both gathers on Sundays and scatters into our Parishes and neighborhoods during the week. This hymnal will be a wonderful tool for families and Parish Groups to use for home worship, since it contains so much of the music we regularly use on Sundays and offers simple ways for you to lead groups of people in interactive and responsive worship right in your homes. By having these hymnals both in our sanctuary and in our homes, we bridge the two primary places we gather as a community, linking them together through a common worship tool. 

So what can you do? As an investment in our community, we invite you to consider buying two hymnals: one for the sanctuary to be used in public worship, and one for your home or Parish Group to be used in home worship. In this way, we are investing in how we are formed in worship when we gather and when we scatter, when we sing with a majestic organ or full piece band, or when we sing around a coffee table with just our voices.

Our worship forms us – we hope and pray this hymnal helps form our community for all of life.

It includes:

  • All 150 Psalms set to music
  • A comprehensive collections of traditional hymns
  • Newer more contemporary songs and hymns
  • Multi-cultural and global worship songs
  • Worship aids such as Calls to Worship, Prayers of Confession and Assurance, Litanies and responsive readings
  • Family devotional resources
  • Extensive digital library of songs and worship materials 

Please consider purchasing one for our Sanctuary in honor of or in memory of as well as a matching gift for you home.

Cost is $20 each.

Those given as a dedication will have labels inside with the appropriate dedication.