Jobs For Life 


Do you or someone you know want to apply to be a part of the Jobs For Life class as a student? We're looking for help recruiting students, especially from our neighborhoods, friendships, and our geographic area. 

If you know someone who you think would like to apply to be a student in the class, please contact Ginger James. If you would like to apply, download the Jobs for Life application, and return it to Ginger (contact info above). 

When I think of the Gospel message and its redemptive and healing message, I think of the work that happens at Jobs For Life. Many students find themselves surrounded by brokenness, fear, pain... When that student is surrounded by a loving and caring community who see in that broken life something beautiful that God has carefully crafted with great purpose, there is a resurgence of life and hope.
— Luke, a JFL teacher


The Jobs for Life Training Program  is a 12-week, relationship-centered jobs training program.  Each student is teamed with a Champion who will walk through the class and the months following as they journey from unemployment to employment, or from underemployment to better employment.  Our teachers are business leaders who will interact closely with each student, providing practical job preparation training focused on character development, good work behavior, communication, and interview skills.


Monday Evenings
February 19 - May 14
Fellowship Hall  |  6:00 - 8:30 PM


  • Champion: Walk alongside a student as a mentor throughout the 12-week class. 

  • Meals: Sharing dinner is a vital part of how we build community during the class. Volunteer to make and serve dinner. A great opportunity for families, small groups, or other ministry teams. 

  • Business Leaders: There are many opportunities for business leaders to come and serve the class, by sharing their expertise, being a part of a panel, helping provide for the cost of the class, or even participating in mock interviews. 

  • Teachers: Jobs For Life provides a robust, Gospel-centered curriculum, that volunteer instructors utilize in the teaching of each class. 

Ready to sign up to volunteer? Contact Ginger James.