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At Third, we desire for everyone to be known, cared for, and encouraged to mature as disciples of Christ.

In order to do this, we are reclaiming an old - and biblical - vision for how we do church together. Meet our Parish Life ministry, the vision for how we build community, grow as disciples, and love our neighbors.

We believe that God is inviting us to participate in his grand plan to renew all things. Life in our Parish ministry is not meant to be another program or event on your calendar, but a way of life, intentionally lived alongside your neighbors so we grow as disciples and love and serve our communities.

Are you ready to join in? Find your Parish Area below and from there, you can choose to get plugged into the Parish Group in your area. There, you will find opportunities for gospel community, intentional discipleship, and localized mission within your neighborhood. 

Have more questions about Parish Life, what it is and why we do it? See our FAQ page here! 

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Here's how it works:

First, you need to find where you live on the map to figure out which Parish Area you live in. (Click on the map to enlarge or download it to explore.) Once you know your Parish Area, you can visit your specific Parish Area page below to find out when and where your Parish Group(s) meet and who you can contact to to make a connection or ask questions. 

After that, you should have what you need to go to your Parish Group and start building community, loving your neighbors, and joining in the renewal of all things right away!

Having difficulty finding your home on the map?
Contact Valerie, and she will help you! 

Download an extra-large version of the map. Please note: this is a large file!

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