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World Communion Sunday: Pray for the Nations


On Oct. 6 we are celebrating world communion Sunday with thousands of churches around the world. 

Here are the ways you can participate:

  • In addition to what we do normally, this year you will notice different international fabrics and other elements throughout the Sanctuary. Feel free to wear an international outfit that you may have gotten from a trip to another country.

  • After each service, everyone is invited to the Fellowship Hall for a special time of prayer. There we will have a world map on the floor that will fill the fellowship hall. We’ll have specific prayer stations and listing specific prayers for different countries.  We invite you to come by yourself, as a family, take off your shoes and find a country or countries that the Lord has laid on your heart to pray for.  We will also have prayer guides available and other resources that will help you pray with discernment.  Prayer in the fellowship hall will be available from 8:45 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to pray for our world as our Lord has directed us!