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Women's Ministry: Morning of Service

Join the women of Third Church to participate in service activities throughout the city.
Saturday, March 25  |  9:00 AM - 12:30 PM

We will meet for coffee and a group devotional at the church, then break into smaller service groups on and off-site. There are a wide variety of options that will appeal to all. Some will be working with existing mission partners, others with interesting non-profits and local groups. Join us as we seek to serve in our communities! 

Rank your top three choices out of the following opportunities:

  • Crossover Clinic:  Women's Care Bags (at Third) - Assemble gift bags for women who receive medical care at the clinic
  • Tuckahoe YMCA: Weed and spread mulch around the garden area and playground at the Tuckahoe YMCA
  • CHAT: Church Hill Activities and Tutoring - Paint a room to make it a kid-friendly area for learning and connecting
  • Cards and Care: (at Third) Pray for and write notes of congratulations, sympathy or encouragement to members of Third
  • Sole Hope: Upcycle old jeans by cutting out pieces that will later be sewn into shoes 
  • Kingdom Knitters:  Knit squares to be sewn into a blanket and sent to Romania
  • Hope for Our Sisters: (at Third) Sew and package pads for women in Africa waiting for fistula surgery
  • Clean Sweep RVA: Pick up trash in Manchester
  • Elijah House Academy: Frame artwork, create bulletin boards, help organize and prep projects
  • ESL Tutoring: (at Third) Make bookmarks and recognition gifts for students; graduation certificates for ESL adults

Ready to sign up? Join us.