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Mosaic Scholarship Fund


The Mosaic Ministry has funds available to help parishioners with scholarships to summer camps and classes for kids who have special needs, or to conferences, workshops, and continuing education classes for parents or professionals who want to learn more in an area to help their child/children.

Some examples of how the money could be used are:

  • a professional workshop for a therapist or special education teacher from church who might otherwise not be able to attend due to limited finances from their organization or school;

  • a training workshop or conference on autism, ADHD, dyslexia, or education advocacy for a parent of a special needs child;

  • Easter Seals summer camp, JCC specialty camp, or adaptive lessons for a child with a disability.

This is just a sampling of how the money could be used!

The money is available for: 1) professionals, 2) parents or caregivers, and 3) children with disabilities.

Anyone wishing to request funds should contact Kathy White, Associate Director of Family Ministries, requests made in writing to the Mosaic Special Needs Ministry Team, care of Kathy White at  Please include, if possible, a brochure or flyer describing the event, program, or camp, and a short statement on why you believe this will be of benefit. 

Preference will be given to members of Mosaic and Third Church. However, if money remains available, we will consider requests from friends connected with the church (such as extended family).

Deadline for Applications has been extended to June 17th. 
Apply today!