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Men's Dinner with Bruce Matson

Men's Dinner: Thursday, October 2, 2014, 6:00-8:00 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall

Our Men's quarterly "big dinner" is Thursday October 2, 6-8pm in the Fellowship Hall. Click here to register. 

After enjoying a hearty meal, we will be treated to a message by Bruce Matson. Bruce wrote the "The Race Before Us - A journey of running and Faith."

Bruce will be sharing thoughts about life and his recent book..

Turning 50 years old and facing some of life's biggest questions are daunting challenges. A crisis of faith and crisis of health lead towards significant changes in one's life. For Bruce Matson, a family man with a successful law practice, the struggles of health and doubt led to action. Combining to podcasts from notable Christian leaders Ravi Zacharias, Allistair Begg, and Tim Keller, careful research and preparation, and encouragment from family and friends, Bruce ran his race for physical and spiritual health.

"The Race Before Us" by Bruce Matson is a wonderful memoir detailing the path of doubt to faith and spiritual malaise to running with God. Come alongside Bruce as he navigates the windy roads of faith and health in his pursuit of physical and spiritual well-being.