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February Term 2018

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February Term: The Art of Neighboring
Sunday, February 4 through February 25
10:00 - 11:00 a.m. | Fellowship Hall

Coffee & Snacks Available Beforehand

What is the February Term?

Each winter, we take a month to get on the same page as a church. We combine our adult Sunday discipleship classes and study an issue together that has bearing on how we live our lives as Christ-followers--no matter what age or stage of life we find ourselves in.     

Our time together each Sunday will be dynamic and engaging, using a variety of elements like videos, panels, and storytelling to create a interactive experience that is meaningful and relevant. 

What will we be discussing?

This year, we will gather to look at the theme: The Art of Neighboring. Our goal is to help our church explore what it really means to love our neighbor-- including how to love our neighbors!-- as we launch our Parish Life ministry. 


  • Week 1 - February 4: The Art of Neighboring [Teacher: Jay Pathak, co-author of the book The Art of Neighboring]
  • Week 2 - February 11: Neighboring as Mission n a Secular Age [Teacher: Justin Earley]
  • Week 3 - February 18: Neighboring - The Stories of Parish Life [Teachers: Panel of speakers, discussions]
  • Week 4 - February 25: Neighboring - The Commission of Parish Life [Teachers: Andrew Fuller, Richard Haney, and LJ Jaworski]

CLICK HERE to listen to any of our talks!

Later Event: February 14
Ash Wednesday: Meal & Service