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Blood Drive with the American Red Cross

You could be someone’s hero! Every two seconds someone needs blood, and the American Red Cross is the predominant supplier of blood to Richmond area hospitals, providing 90% of blood.

If you think you are not eligible to give, you may be surprised. To donate, you should feel healthy, bring a donor card or photo ID, be at least 17 years old (or 16 with signed parental consent) and weigh at least 110 pounds. Some additional weight requirements apply for donors 18 years and younger.

The donation process takes about 45 minutes, and especially if you’re going to be at Third the same day for Stop Hunger Now, consider participating and giving the gift of life in two different ways.

Red Cross staff will be in the basement to make sure the process is easy.

 Our goal is to pre-register at least 75 donors in advance so that we have adequate staffing on hand. To register to donate, or if you have questions, e-mail Elizabeth Conner or call her at 804-516-0186. 

(On-line registration is coming soon!)


If you'd like more information about the process or the vital role of this service in our region, go to

Or, for another perspective on the importance of donating blood, watch the video below.

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