Say Yes

Children and students need models and mentors. In Jesus’ day, it was common for the men and women of the community to pour into the lives of the younger ones. We believe that parents are the primary spiritual nurturers of their children, but it's important for our students to see that faith is more than just their parent's or guardian's belief system. They need other adults to reinforce the faith they are learning at home. They need to see that the whole community is committed to their faith formation and helping them to live into the promises made at their baptism.  Say yes to getting involved! We promise you’ll be changed as much as you help change others.

For questions regarding infant through kindergarten ages or Mosaic Ministry, contact Kathy White.

For questions regarding 1st through 6th grade or Family Adventure Week, contact Tracie Meadows.

Volunteer Training

We take seriously the safety of the children in our care, and make sure our volunteers are trained and equipped.  If you are interested in volunteering, contact Tracie or Kathy for a volunteer application.