Weddings at Third

At Third, we believe that marriage is a covenant relationship, created by God as part of his design. If you are a covenant member of Third (or family member of covenant members) and would like to be married at Third, use Third's facilities, or have one of Third's pastor perform your marriage ceremony, we ask that you fill out these form to make your requests known to us: 1) Wedding Request Form, 2) Facilities Request Form (which requires compliance with the Facilities Use Protection Policy).  

Please submit all necessary forms to Andi Redmond and she will follow up with you after processing your request. 

Baptisms at Third

Baptisms are a sacred and special sacrament for the families of Third. For any Covenant Partners (members) interested in baptizing their children, please fill out the Baptism Request Form and return it to Kathy White: Kathy will follow up with you shortly after!  

General Facilities Use Request Forms