The Makers Series | Embodied, Friday night @7:00

Join us in the Fellowship Hall this Friday evening, January 16th, for the next installment of the Makers Series, as we continue a season celebrating God's incarnation in Jesus Christ by hearing about the lives and work of three "Makers" who explore the meaning of being embodied, ourselves, through written, visual, and musical arts.


This edition of the Makers Series will highlight the work of dancer Karen Rios, classical soprano Sarah Kate Walston, and theologian/essayist Jill Carattini.  Each of our guests addresses the idea that art and Christian life are rooted in our physical presence in and to the world, not just in aesthetic or spiritual ideas. Sarah Kate Walston and Karen Rios also have in common that the "medium" or "instrument" of their art is their own bodies; meanwhile, Jill Carattini is particularly attuned to thinking theologically about the ordinary, sacramental quality of our bodies in the world.


For full details and bios on our Makers, click HERE.