The Clown Bag of Inappropriate Stuff

So it was just The Boy and me in church the other day. Well, us and the whole rest of the congregation. But I was managing things solo for our family while The Mom and The TeenGirl were having a girl’s weekend with friends.

The Boy loves to sing. And he’s not afraid to sing loud. And he usually has pretty good pitch. We give him voice lessons because (a) he loves to sing and (b) singing is really good for breath control, modulation practice, and trunk support. I’ll slip PT/OT in there any chance I can. Sort of like slipping zucchini into brownies or spinach into lasagna.

So that parts always fun. And he likes the video testimonies we’ve been showing lately.

But announcements, prayers, and sermons? Not so much. And I kinda feel bad when The Boy asks, “When is church over?” just as the pastor is walking up to the front to start the sermon.

Well anyway, on most Sundays, this is when The Boy reaches into his “pocket” — the bag on the back of his wheelchair that he stashes his treasures in. Usually it’s just his glasses and Sunday School papers.

But this Sunday, WOW!

First came a packet of tissues. Those were soon on the floor all around us. Thank you helpful people who picked them up and returned them.

Next, a red balloon. That got confiscated as The Boy started inflating it. By this time I was on full alert. The balloon was followed by a “Frozen” coloring book and marker. Cautious Dad traded a pencil for the marker, and all was quiet. For about 37 seconds.

After the coloring book, more tissues. Confiscated. A bag of marbles. Confiscated. A wind-up toy. Confiscated.

Next up was an apple. Good for 5-6 bites while the pastor moved on to his third point.

And then — a mini-flute!

Where did all this stuff come from? And shouldn’t I be more aware of what my son carries around with him?

It’s like he has a whole life that goes on while I’m not looking. And I’ve got to be really vigilant for stuff that will be disruptive. Or simply annoying.

And I still don’t get how one little pocket can hold so much stuff!

BTW, the sermon topic was Humility and Hope, looking at how, “at the close of his letter, Peter urges us to “stay alert” and to remain in a posture of humility, submitting to God, submitting to church leaders, submitting to one another. And in the end, Peter says, God will restore us and set everything right.”

Alert. Yes, that’s what I am during worship these days.

How about you?


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