Summer 2016 at Third Church

Join us for our many opportunities to find community, grow, and serve throughout the summer at Third Church. For information on all our events, classes and offerings, take a look at our Summer 2016: Community, Discipleship, and Mission brochure.

Summer Discipleship Classes

We've adjusted our Sunday morning classes schedule for the summer! We're hosting three new 7-week classes at 10:00 a.m., starting June 19 and running through July 31. Learn more about our classes, and find one you'd like to drop in to, by visiting our Classes & Fellowship page. 

Our church family will gather together for a special, interactive intergenerational class. We'll be following the sermon series and putting each teaching from the One Another series into action. This class is great for adults and children, ages kindergarten and up! Each class is stand-alone so join us when you can!  Click for topic and teacher!
Led by: Rotating Teachers
Fellowship Hall
Note: All children must be accompanied by a parent/guardian!

Each week, we'll discuss a psalm and how it expresses the full spectrum of experience and emotion. Each class is stand-alone so join us when you can! This class, unlike the other classes will run through Labor Day. Click for topic and teacher
Led by: Good News Fellowship
Room 101

An Introduction to the Early Church & Why It Matters
Ever wonder why some books are in the New Testament and some aren't? Why we say the Nicene Creed?  Who was Augustine and why should you care? If these questions interest you, this is the class for you. Learn about your ancient heritage and how it continues to shape who Christians are and how they believe and behave. Click for syllabus.
Led by: Boyd and Nan Clarke
Room 100


Visit the links below for more information on all our events, ministries, and programs: