We Elect Officers and Meet our Senior Pastor Candidate on Sunday the 26th!

Special Schedule on Sunday, October 26th!

There will be ONLY TWO WORSHIP SERVICES, both at 9:00 AM, on Sunday: A traditional service in the Sanctuary and a contemporary service in the Fellowship Hall.  Then, we will gather in the Fellowship Hall at 10:30 AM for an important Congregational Meeting.

First, we'll elect a slate of Elders, Deacons, and Trustees, and then we'll hear the Pastoral Nominating Committee's report on how God has led them to unanimously agree on the man He has called to be Third's next Senior Pastor.  

New Officers

The Officer Nominating Committee is happy to share the following slate of officer candidates for congregational approval.  Please be in prayer for these men and women who have agreed to answer God's call to serve three-year terms leading and caring for the body and facilities of Third Church:

Nominees for the Office of Elder:

Melissa Lincoln

Cullen Rivers

Ron Klipp

Greg Ellen

Jim Ingold

Bill Mims

Bill Hall

Parker Hale

Nominees for the Office of Deacon:

Grant Holbrook

Monica Murphy

Mark Mendez

Parker Garrett

Cecelia Elliott

Maria Hill

Chip Buehler

Fran Robertson

Nominees for the Office of Trustee:

Bobbie Crowell

Stephanie Holt

John Lewis

Calling our next Senior Pastor

Our PNC: Emily Davis, Scott Cox, Denise Ellen, Charles Welander, Faye Rivers, Robert Cochrane, Val Kling (co-chair), Jon Hottinger, and Jimey Ames (co-chair)

Our PNC: Emily Davis, Scott Cox, Denise Ellen, Charles Welander, Faye Rivers, Robert Cochrane, Val Kling (co-chair), Jon Hottinger, and Jimey Ames (co-chair)

The second part of the meeting will be devoted to hearing from the Pastoral Nominating Committee (PNC) about the process of discernment that led to their recommendation of our next Senior Pastor.  In addition to more specifics regarding each members' sense of peace and excitement about the candidate, we'll see a video from the candidate on how he has heard God affirming this call on his life and ministry, and take time to ask questions about and pray for the candidate and Third.  Finally, all members present will be asked to vote on confirming his call as Third's next Senior Pastor.

If you'd like more information on the qualities the PNC identified as critical in our next leader and an overview of how they sought to find the person that best fit them, click HERE.

Special Note about Childcare 

YES, Childcare WILL BE provided during the meeting for children up through 6th grade, in the following locations:

Infants - 102 (usual room)

Toddlers - 109 (usual room)

Little Lambs (2s) - 103 (usual room)

Little Lions & Little Eagles (3s & 4s) - room 223

Kindergarten through 3rd grade - room 213/215

4th grade through 6th grade - room 217 (change of location)

Because we expect to have two very full services, we are asking parents of 4s and Kindergartners, who usually participate in the first half of the 9:00 AM service and join us upstairs, to consider dropping off their kids at the Parlor before the service, so that more seats will be available in the services.  If you have questions about this plan or anything else pertaining to the care of children on the 26th, please get in touch with Kathy White or Tracie Meadows.

In the meantime, please continue to be in prayer for the candidate, the  PNC, and our community over the coming days, as we wait upon the Lord and the beginning of this next chapter of God's story as it is being proclaimed through Third Church!