February Term 2017

Each winter, we take a month to get on the same page as a church. We combine our adult Sunday discipleship classes and study an issue together that has bearing on how we live our lives as Christ-followers--no matter what age or stage of life we find ourselves in.     

This year, we will gather to look at the theme: The Whole Gospel for the Whole World. Our goal is to help our church family grow in cultural intelligence so that we may better extend God's grace and shalom to our changing population.


  • Week 1 - February 5: God's Vision for Cultural Reconciliation [Teacher: Corey Widmer]
  • Week 2 - February 12: Engaging the World Next Door [Teachers: Dan Reeves, L J Jaworski]
  • Week 3 - February 19: Cross Cultural Relationship In Christ [Teacher: David Bailey]
  • Week 4 - February 26: Engaging our Arabic Brothers and Sisters [Teacher: Fakhri Yacoub, Corey Widmer]


Audio Recordings