Leadership & Staff

Third Church is Presbyterian, which means that we emphasize the role of everyday Christians in the life of the Church, from ministry on Sunday morning to our mission beyond our walls, but also in setting the vision for our community. So in addition to getting to know our pastors and staff, we want you to put names to faces for our Session of Elders (who set direction and vision for Third), our Deacons (who lead and perform practical ministry for and in the name of Third Church), and our Trustees (who oversee the buildings and grounds where so much work and worship takes place).  Much of the ministry at Third is carried out by these lay leaders individually and as teams, and more information is available in each section, below.



Third's Session is the group of 24 Ruling Elders plus our ordained Ministers (Teaching Elders) who seek God's will for all aspects of our life together, from Worship to Evangelism to Finances.  Legally, Session is the Board of Directors of Third Church. To find out why we have Elders and see more about what Elders do, click here.


Deacons greet you at the door on Sunday, but also provide assistance throughout the week. To find out why we have Deacons, more about what they do, and see a list of teams, click here.


Trustees make sure the lights and AC are working at Third Church and oversee the care of our facilities. To find out why we have Trustees, more about what they do, and see a list of teams, click here.

TRustee, Class of 2017

TRustee, Class of 2017

trustee, class of 2018

trustee, class of 2018

Pastors and Ministry Leaders

And who are those pastors and staff ministry leaders you see on Sundays? See below for their roles and responsibilities.

Administrative Staff

Our Administrative Staff keeps things going all week long from our Offices at 500 Forest Avenue, supporting the lay leadership and pastoral staff in all areas of ministry.  Find out who does what below.