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At Third, we desire for everyone to be known, cared for, and encouraged to mature as disciples of Christ.

In order to do this, we are piloting a Parish model here at Third, a refreshed vision for how we do church together. The Parish model combines two important elements: 1) connection and care through our lay leaders, and 2) community, discipleship, and mission within your neighborhoods.

God is inviting us to participate in his grand plan to renew all things. We hope you join us in this exciting time as we seek to build community together, love our neighbors, and grow as disciples in Christ.



Parish life will have two primary components: Parish Areas, and Parish Groups.

PARISH AREAS: First, we’ve designated twelve neighborhood communities within our larger church family. These smaller communities, called parish areas, will insure that each person in our church comes to be known more intentionally and intimately. The parish areas will help Third to feel smaller, even as we continue to gather weekly as a large body of believers. Our elders and deacons will be organized across these parish areas, meaning that the tangible care and shepherding they provide will be locally focused on the geographic region they too reside in.

PARISH GROUPS: Also, within the parish areas, several open parish groups will meet regularly and offer anyone in the parish area the option of belonging, growing and serving neighbors in a specific neighborhood.

For more background and FAQ on the Parish Model, click here.


LEAD A PARISH GROUP: We are currently looking for people who are interested in leading a Parish Group in their neighborhood. The Parish Model will officially launch in January 2018, and we hope to have Parish Groups available in every area for that launch. 

BE A PART OF A PARISH GROUP: We'll be launching all our groups in January 2018. We hope each person at Third feels invited to participate in this launch, and that they will prayerfully consider joining a group in their neighborhood or area. If you are interested, let us know here!