Our Sunday Morning Discipleship classes are held every Sunday at 10:00 AM. If you’ve never joined us for a class, there has never been a better time. Find a class where you can meet others, learn about important issues facing us today, and deepen your faith. If you have any questions about a class, or would like to teach in the future, contact Derek Mondeau.

Good News Class:
"Think for a Change"
The Good News Class gathers for the purpose of renewing our minds through the study of God’s holy word. Our classes usually focus on expository teaching that is centered on understanding and applying God’s word for his glory and our growth as his people.
Location: Room 101
Led by: David Beckmann, Bob Stamps, Dave Skove

Study of Acts Class
The Reveal Class will continue our study of the book of Acts, exploring through UP, IN and OUT observations, the missionary themes that Luke narrates. The mission of God’s people always involves our Theology, our Community, and our Outreach. 
Location: Room 213
Led by: Jennifer Parham, Andrew Fuller


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Guided Tour of the Bible

Join us for this special study of two different sections of the Bible. We'll look  at a different book each week, so we can better understand and be impacted by its message. Class starts Thursday night, January 10. Learn more! 

Metamorphosis Class
What are the spiritual rhythms suggested in the recovery movement that can help us in our struggle to find healing? Join us for a close-up look at practices that can transform our daily lives.
Location: Multipurpose Room, 500 Forest Avenue (Office Building)
Led by: Mary Damon