January Update: Working Group #5

Working Group #5 was established to provide recommendations for ways that Third could better “Love Our Neighbors.”  (Click to return to Strategic Planning homepage.)

Working Group #5 is holding a Q&A session after the 11:15 a.m. service on January 29 in Room 101. The audio can be found below:

A Deeper Relationship and Partnership with the Christian Arabic Church

We believe God is calling our congregations to more fully know and love each other and more deeply join in God’s mission together.  We believe this calling will glorify God and bring us deeper enjoyment of Christ.  In November 2016, Session approved the development of this relationship and partnership.

Friendship - Know and Love each other more fully

We believe that deepening fellowship will bring a deeper knowledge of Jesus and transformation into his image.  Our congregations live in proximity yet have significant differences in culture, socioeconomics, and ethnicity.  Friendship with believers from a different context can be challenging in various ways, but it’s worth the effort.  Friendship allows all to see the beauty of the varied expressions of faith in Christ.  It allows us to see a fuller picture of Christ himself.  And it transforms our views on, “Who is my neighbor?”

Mission - Join in God’s mission together more deeply

Our prayer is that knowing and loving each other more fully will lead to a shared sense of Christian mission.  We will learn from each other’s knowledge and experience.  We will be inspired by each other’s passion for seeing Christ made known in our community and the world.  We will engage in mission together hand in hand instead of from a distance.  Each congregation will seek to join the other in mission where God is already at work, offering resources of time, talent, and relationship.  Additionally, we anticipate that the Holy Spirit will cultivate new areas of ministry.

Next steps

A team from each congregation, joined by Fakhri and Corey, has been assembled and will meet to determine practical ways for putting into practice this vision of friendship and mission.

Questions? Reach out to Ron Klipp or Jennifer Parham