January Update: Working Group #4

Working Group #4 was established to provide a plan to update our physical footprint and technological capabilities to glorify God through enhanced worship, fellowship and educational space and connection with our surroundings. They were also tasked with creating a plan for how to pay for the changes. (Click here to return to Strategic Planning homepage.)

Working Group #4 presented the outputs of the Property Design Sessions (charrette) during the days of January 18-21 at an after-church meeting on Sunday, January 22. 

PLEASE NOTE: Due to copyright issues, the video that was shown during our Sunday services about the work of the Property Design Sessions cannot be distributed or posted to our website. 

Working Group #4 held a Q&A Session after the 11:15 a.m. service on January 22nd in the fellowship hall.


We plan to update this page with the outputs and plans of our Property Design Sessions as soon as they are scanned, labeled, and further organized. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please reach out to Rob Lanphear or Andrew Moore

Here's a taste of the work that was produced. More fully compiled and organized results coming soon!

View of proposed bus loop in front of Tuckahoe Elementary and improved pedestrian connections across Forest Avenue. (Click for full size image.)

View of proposed plaza in front of Third Church’s office building at the corner of Forest and Ridge Avenues. (Click for full size image.)