Working Group 4 Update: Architects and Tabling Sessions

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Update from Strategic Plan Working Group 4 – Modernize Infrastructure

After hearing from Working Group 4 back in January and seeing the exciting ideas that emerged from the planning charrette, you may be wondering what has happened since then.  The next phase of our infrastructure planning is well underway, advancing towards a campus masterplan!  The campus masterplan will provide Third Church with a roadmap for modifying our grounds and improving our facilities to better serve the church, the church’s programs and our neighborhood.

Before we started the Tuckahoe area Charrette in January with Mike Watkins and his team, Working Group 4 interviewed architectural firms to serve as consultants for the subsequent facility design, selecting the team of BCWH and Waldon Studio Architects to produce our campus masterplan. Both firms participated in the Charrette and gained an understanding of our commitment to being a good neighbor in our neighborhood.  Working Group 4 has also gathered a volunteer Architectural Team made up of Third staff, Trustees and Third Covenant Partners who were willing to serve.  We are excited that this team, representing a broad cross-section of the church, will be an efficient and effective interface with the consultants.  Members of the Architectural Team include:  Peyton Cox, Scott Durham, John Grigg, Carrie Henaghan, Rob Lanphear, Ross Little, Sarah Hale, Stephanie Holt, Matt Maio, Andrew Moore, Talia Moore, Peter Samuel, Ed Satterfield, Alan Ware and Bill White.

In May, building on the principles established in the Charrette, BCWH and Waldon started a campus and building assessment process, leading to a written report of our current facility conditions. This report has helped the architectural consultants and Third Church understand both the limitations and opportunities of our current building and site.

This summer, BCWH and Waldon Studio conducted interviews and surveys of staff, program leaders and facility users to better understand how we use the current facilities and where we have room to improve. The architects have also been analyzing the numbers – comparing the space we have with the space we need and allowing for growth.  From this analysis, a program document is emerging – a statement of our current and future space needs that will inform the next phase: concept development.  

You have several opportunities in October to speak into the planning for our buildings on Forest Avenue; opportunities to share what works well, what doesn’t and your hopes for the future.   The architectural consultants will host several small group listening sessions to ask questions based on their observations.  The small group sessions are scheduled for:

Sunday October 1st:  In the Parlor at 600 Forest Avenue immediately following the 8:45a and 10:00a service

Sunday October 1st:  6:30p-8:00p in the multi purpose room of 500 Forest Avenue

Sunday October 8th: In the Parlor at 600 Forest Avenue immediately following the 10:00a service and the 11:15a service.

Please drop in on one of the sessions!  If you have input for the architects but are unable to attend, please feel free to reach out to one of the team members listed below.  

As we move into the fall, the architects will be developing a range of design concepts for Third to consider on our property. We expect that the options will include limited interventions to address the most pressing facility needs, on one end of the spectrum, and significant construction and renovations on the other. All of the concepts will have advantages and disadvantages to consider and we ask that you keep Working Group 4 and the Architectural Team in your prayers as we seek to discern God’s plan for our corner of Tuckahoe.

Once we have draft concepts to consider, we will provide opportunities for Third Church and our neighbors to weigh in on the ideas before we settle on a particular direction. We hope you are excited about this next chapter in our history as we continue to be called together for the renewal of all things through Jesus Christ.

Strategic Planning – Working Group 4:
Rob Lanphear, (804) 641-4947
Malachi Mills
Andrew Moore, (804) 283-6819
John Robertson
Alan Ware, (804) 282-4645
Kathy White