Mission Priorities

We believe God is calling us to spread the gospel around the world and to seek the shalom of metro Richmond through a movement of new sites and new churches, united by a common commitment to biblical faithfulness in mission, life, doctrine, and discipleship.

The foundation, or bedrock, of Third's corporate Mission strategy is a set of Mission Priorities: six fields of ministry that we feel God has particularly called us to and gifted us to address.  Individuals within Third's community are engaged in a wide variety of missional relationships, ministries, and projects, and each missionary (every one of us!), missions organization, or church combines Ministry Passions in different ways depending on setting and equipping by God.  But as a body, Third Church has identified the six priorities listed below as guides to direct our overall missions budget and planning. Each Priority is listed with partner examples and whom to contact if you feel called to engage in God's work in that particular area.

1.   Leadership Development in Developing Nations

Third desires to facilitate the training, education and strengthening of national Christian leaders in developing nations, believing that indigenous leadership is preferred over ex-patriot leadership.

2.   Evangelism and Church Planting among Unreached People Groups

One of the great injustices in the modern world is the lack of access to the Gospel for many distinct ethno-linguistic groups around the world.  Third wants to be strategically engaged in bringing the Gospel and planting churches in areas where there is little or no Gospel presence. 

3.   Deep Relationship with Indigenous Churches

We want to encourage the church where it already exists and share the resources the Lord has entrusted to us to serve them, help them thrive and enable their ministry reach to grow. 

4.   Ministry to Internationals in Richmond

While we are committed to sending missionaries to the nations, sometimes the Lord sends the nations to us.  We want to respond to the opportunities in our own communities to reach the nations, whether they are immigrants or just temporary residents. 

5.   Christian Community Development (among poor) in Richmond

The Church is called to minister to the poor and Third has a long history of effective outreach and fruitful partnerships in Richmond in ways that offer practical help and long-term benefits with dignity and respect.

6.   Church Planting  / Evangelism in Richmond

Third is deeply committed to planting churches in our city and sharing the Gospel in the communities where we live.  This is part of the church’s overall mission statement and strategic plan.