As God calls each of us to spread the Gospel and do good works for the Kingdom, he not only equips us  with skills and abilities, but also tunes our hearts to care about the things he cares about--making us passionate about doing the work of the Church whether it's happening in our homes, on Forest Avenue, in Richmond, across the United States, or around the world.  These six  Ministry Passions give a distinctive personality to missions at Third Church, which is also guided by our Mission Priorities

Mercy and Compassion

Many people meet Jesus for the first time by meeting those extending mercy and compassion in His name.  Practicing compassion can happen in many different ways, from taking a meal to a family with a new baby, taking care of the homeless through CARITAS to going on a medical missions trip to Haiti.  


Evangelism and Discipleship

Evangelism is making the Good News that Jesus is Lord known to those who have not heard it before.  This may involve personal witness in your neighborhood, translating the Bible into new languages, or working among Muslims in central Asia. We believe evangelism doesn't end with conversation but also includes discipleship.


Leadership Development

Christians in leadership need particular guidance and support to avoid the pitfalls of worldly power and to be most effective for the Kingdom.  Leadership Development includes fostering local community for young professional and church leaders in metro Richmond, as well as mentoring and resourcing church leaders in the developing world.  


Community Development

Loving our neighbors requires building healthy communities. Christian Community Development focuses on providing training and resources for marginalized areas.  Whether providing education, housing, or employment assistance, CCD aims to empower local neighborhoods to be self-supporting.  


Church Planting

Even the most economically and culturally affluent community is not truly flourishing without the presence of Christ in its midst, expressed most fully as a community that worships the Lord together.  Whether in Richmond or in Cameroon, church planting solidifies Christian relationships and empowers believers to turn outward to the world.



God is at work restoring all creation to his intended purposes, to wipe away tears and set all things right. We participate in this work of justice as we join God in advocating for the poor and marginalized, protecting those who can't protect themselves, and helping to create just systems that reflect God's Kingdom.