Young Life

Young Life Richmond Metro seeks to do three things to advance the kingdom of God using the tool of Young Life in Richmond.  First, Tim provides supervision of the eight Young Life areas in Richmond.  He supervises and trains all the staff and committee members that comprise Young Life in each area.  Supervision is important because it provides continuity, which is critical in youth ministry.  It also provides for quality control.  One can trust that the quality of work being done rises to a certain level of excellence.

Secondly, Tim seeks to expand Young Life to areas where there used to be ministry, or where there has never been ministry.  He is the point person who drives into these new areas while hoping to provide an infrastructure which will lead to sustainability for the long haul.

Lastly, Tim has a desire to expand ministry and ensure the sustainability of present ministries by raising funds for three critical areas:

  • Hiring multi-ethnic staff so that multi-ethnic populations can be reached.
  • Providing campership legacy funds to enable youth in the cities and the rural areas to attend Young Life camp.
  • Helping Young Life areas when they are in need financially.