Urban Hope

Urban Hope is an affordable housing non-profit focused on the East End of Richmond. Urban Hope envisions a thriving community where all, including the most vulnerable, are provided a protected place. Their mission is to make home a cornerstone of opportunity by keeping it affordable.

Using private funds in an impact-investing model, Urban Hope acquires and renovates single-family houses and duplexes, providing rentals and homes for purchase. Safe, secure, affordable housing is critical to an individual’s or family’s success.

Candidates for these houses are cultivated to be tenants or homeowners. Urban Hope works to ensure that they are able to meet their rent obligations. They are also encouraged to become part of the strong network of relationships in the East End, particularly in the community of faith.

Urban Hope is the only non-profit housing organization in the East End that provides affordable rentals to those who fall in the 60% AMI and below. Another critical and distinguishing component of their work is the financial counseling and mentorship that helps clients prepare for tenancy or homeownership and beyond.

Because of their faith, Urban Hope values:  relationships of mutual respect to empower their work; equipping clients to flourish; accountability to the community and to one another; and innovation to close the gaps in affordable housing.