Richmond Christian Leadership Initiative


The birth, development, and ongoing life of the Richmond Christian Leadership Initiative (RCLI) are intricately intertwined with the people and ministry of Third Church.  RCLI has been enriched through Third’s imprints on its history—from its founding led by Fritz Kling, to a host of board members and volunteers, to a strong complement of program participants, and to important missions support.

The target population for the RCLI program remains: Christians, ages 25-40, who are maturing in and driven by their faith in Christ, who exhibit leadership potential, and who have a demonstrated heart for our region.  These emerging Christian leaders—about thirty per each annual “class”—are drawn from an array of denominations and churches that reflect the rich diversity and talent of the region’s thriving Christian community. 

Beginning each September and continuing monthly through June, class members gather on a Friday night and all day Saturday to explore issues confronting the region and to consider them from a Christ-centered perspective.  The Program faculty consists of mature Christian leaders who share their expertise and deliver amazing insight and value, bringing the issues to life and illustrating what it is to act upon the values of Jesus.

Whether in a classroom or in a community setting, this work is enabled by the generosity of donors and volunteers.  To learn more about RCLI or how to engage this next generation of leaders, visit or contact Tim Holtz, Executive Director, at or (804) 244-0143.