Richmond Center for Christian Study

Chris Daniel

Over the last many decades, universities have drifted in a much more secular and post-modern direction.  This is concerning, as students are at a very impressionable time in their lives during these years, and as society tends to follow the thinking of universities.  The Richmond Center for Christian Study, one of forty Study Centers throughout the country, seeks to bring gospel transformation to students and the campus by re-introducing a biblical worldview into the academic lives of the students.  This is done through faculty-led Bible studies, discussion groups, and presentations.  The Center covers numerous topics with students, including what the Bible says about God, man and the world we live in; how we know that what the Bible says is true and makes sense of the world; and how a biblical worldview is relevant to their studies, their lives, and the world of today.

In 2018, the Study Center will open a bookstore and offer discussion groups for the community as a whole.  The bookstore, operated in part by the students of the University of Richmond, will be a location not only to purchase resources on the topics listed above, but also to participate in discussion groups and to hear from the authors of some of the books through a regular ongoing speakers series.  There will also be a children’s section with high quality children’s selections and classic works of literature.