Relationship Foundation of Virginia


A community’s growth, health and economy are built on a foundation of strong relationships and families. These are the building blocks of society. The mission of RFVA is to build these fundamental elements–and this is done by providing education, tools, and experiences for the community.

For youth, RFVA delivers programs that teach self-respect and respect for others through the Smart Relationships curriculum. For individuals–single or in long-term relationships and marriages–they hold monthly date nights to encourage communication through a fun experience. Boot Camp for New Dads classes equip expectant and new fathers with the skills to be active, committed fathers for life.

Strong relationships make life better. Without them, life can be harder, feel emptier and be more challenging–not only for individuals, but also for communities. In an ideal world, people count on one another for support, encouragement, and commitment. By building awareness and understanding the complexity and joys of relationships, RFVA helps those they serve to be more prepared and successful, which makes the community a better place to live.

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