Missy DeRigibus


Cogito at Hampden-Sydney College

Cogito at Hampden-Sydney College, founded in 2009 by Missy DeRegibus, is both a non-profit and a student club. It is committed to exploring the great issues of our time involving faith, reason, justice, truth and beauty by means of small study groups, lectures and personal meetings. Cogito is also committed to Hampden-Sydney College as an institution, and desires to contribute to the flourishing of its mission.  Cogito believes that the Christian tradition has much to offer to Hampden-Sydney’s overall goal to develop “good men, good citizens.” 

Cogito at Hampden-Sydney College, a forum for Christian thought, is an affiliate with the Consortium of Christian Study Centers.  Other mature centers exist at places such as UVA, Cornell, Yale and University of Florida.  More recent study centers include UNC, Duke, University of Richmond and Virginia Tech. Cogito serves the only 4-year college in the consortium and the only all-male college. 

Study groups have examined Reinhold Niebuhr’s The Irony of American History, the problem of evil, just war theories, and arguments for the existence of God.  Advanced Bible studies on Titus and 1 Peter have been offered, as well as a study on prayer and fasting. 

Lectures have included Dr. Matthew Goodson, astrophysicist, speaking on “You Probably Shouldn’t be Here,” David Skeel (UPenn law) on “The Sermon on the Mount for Lawyers and Other Sinners,” and a talk by Justin Earley on “Work that Changes the World.”

Learn more at cogito-hsc.org or email Missy.