Kip Hart


VCU InterVarsity

The college campus may be the most strategic mission field for the future of Christianity in the world. VCU, specifically, is a place where students of a great diversity of races, ethnicities, nationalities, beliefs, and socio-economic backgrounds converge to discover their passions and identities, then return to their hometowns around the world. VCU InterVarsity has the potential to reach much of the world for Christ by ministering in a single location.

The student body at VCU represents 102 different countries, including the future leaders of schools, government, businesses, and churches. InterVarsity has a saying: “4 for 40,” meaning the foundations that students build in their four years at VCU will shape their movements in life for the next 40 years. This is why InterVarsity’s mission is so crucial.

VCU InterVarsity focuses on spiritual formation and leadership development—making disciples of Christ who will lead others in their student communities and long after they graduate.  Students engage in community through the weekly large group, in one of 15 different small groups, and in one-on-one discipling relationships. In each of these contexts, trained student leaders are the primary conduits in explaining and proclaiming the gospel to students. Students are also trained to study, commune, and live with others for the sake of the kingdom of God coming to campus as it is in heaven.

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