Juan & Silvia Ledon


Antioch Residency Program

The Antioch Residency Program, a new 2-year church planting residency program at Third, is so called because Antioch was the site of the first truly multicultural church as the gospel expanded outward from Jerusalem.  As Richmond and North America become more culturally diverse, this program has a special focus on reaching the diverse populations of the metropolitan Richmond area.

Juan is originally from Cuba.  His family moved to Washington state when he was five years old; over the next few years they lived in Idaho, New Jersey and finally Miami, where he lived for about forty years.  Juan met Silvia in college.  They have been married for 32 years and have four children who all live in Richmond: Lizette (28), Gabriel (26), Daniel (22) and Elise (19).

The Ledons came to Richmond in 2012 to pursue a business position. They felt God leading them to stay when the business opportunity did not work out.

Juan believes that Richmond is a unique mission field, with newly forming Latino and immigrant communities that are barely on the radar. An immigrant himself, Juan respects the challenges they have to overcome. He wants to be part of an outreach effort to them, likely in a non-traditional way by sharing the gospel where they live, rather than the traditional church approach. He would like to engage immigrants through the gospel, bringing them together in an effort to make them feel at home in a strange land.