David Bailey



Arrabon is a ministry that exists to equip and empower Christians to effectively engage in the ministry of reconciliation. Arrabon is a Greek word that means "a foretaste of things to come." The ministry believes that the church should be a foretaste of the multi-generational, multi-ethnic, multi-national kingdom that is to come in heaven.

Arrabon equips and empowers in three ways:

Training. They equip Christian leaders and their communities with resources to increase their cultural intelligence to participate effectively in reconciliation. Live workshops initiate conversations and communal problem solving to help transform the community on an institutional level. The digital study series and live workshops are designed to create informative, safe environments of mutuality and respect.

Culture making. If the cultural is to be changed, new cultural artifacts must be made. Urban Doxology is a ministry of Arrabon that engages in culture making for reconciliation through worship formation. They create worship experiences and resources to equip Christian communities with the spiritual formation needed to faithfully practice reconciliation.

Leadership development. Leaders must be raised up today for a better tomorrow. Since 2011, Arrabon has hosted the Urban Songwriting Internship (USI) each summer. USI is an 8-week intensive program that develops young adult leaders aged 18-25. USI fuels culture-making efforts and raises the type of reconciling leaders needed in diverse contexts both inside and outside of the church.