Bruce Dreisbach


New Life Ministry

Bruce Dreisbach is the Executive Director of New Life Ministry. For over 20 years their team has produced and distributed training materials on evangelism and discipleship. They provide focused support to congregations, denominations, and parachurch ministries throughout the U.S. These programs are delivered through live seminars, speaking engagements, church consultations and curriculums. They include online products, digital and audio courses, and books.

Books on evangelism and discipleship include: The Jesus Plan, Exploring God Without Getting Religious, Out of the Belly of the Whale, Growing With God, and Jesus at Work.

Many of the programs have been held at Third Church, including the internet course Fruitful Witness, which was produced at Third (

In addition to national work in evangelism and discipleship, New Life Ministry is now training for regional church planting efforts in several areas of the U.S. These ministries specifically target hard to reach populations of secular people who are unlikely to go to church.

Another major point of engagement is in providing training to mission agencies to train and equip new workers for cross-cultural mission fields around the globe. Training programs are offered for new missionaries and for staff who train new people going overseas.