Tom Hayes


Class of 2015

Committees: Lay Ministry and Small Groups

How are you serving at Third?

Third has provided me with tremendous opportunities to connect, serve and grow spiritually! I currently serve with the Small Groups and Lay Ministry teams and am involved with youth ministry (assist with teaching High School Sunday school).

Tell us about your hobbies and family

My wonderful wife, Karen, and I have four children, Wade, Carly, Bennett and Peyton.  Karen is actively involved in youth ministry and women's Bible study programs, here at Third and The Collegiate School.  Our children have grown up (physically and spirtually) at Third through VBS, Club 56, Student Ministry, and mission trips. As for hobbies, I enjoy travel, golf and running.

What famous person are you most likely to be mistaken for?

Russell Crowe (not the young looking Russell...think about a role where he played an older, frazzled, gray-haired, out-of-shape guy....starting to see the resemblance?)

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

Pork chops!