Rusty Gregg


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How are you serving in the Church?

As a member of Third's staff, I tend to business, administrative, facility and communications matters behind-the-scenes so that ministry can take place.  I'm a member of Crestwood Presbyterian Church, where I periodically teach adults and have been known to whip up dinner for 200.

Where do you see God moving at Third?

Not only our country, but the larger Church, needs the salient influence of congregations like Third that unreservedly seek to honor Christ.  Third calls her members to live beyond themselves for the good of their neighborhoods and the city, and examples of that discipleship lead me to see Third positioned by God to be a resource to area churches and a blessing across the metro area.

What makes you tick?

My faith, and being a Southerner.  There is an approach to life inherent in each.  When
I was a young man, my maternal grandmother's dying words to me were, "Always be a Christian gentleman."  That's a charge I hope to fulfill.