Maia Kling


Class of 2016

Service: Comfort, Special Care

Where do you see God moving at Third?

Third is at a place of new beginnings. I look forward to the ways in which God is going to move us a a church, taking our deeply- rooted, evangelical history of mission, teaching and service to bless Him, each other, and the city of Richmond in this next “season”  as Third Church. As we look, live, pray and listen, He will show us.

A beloved pastor and friend once said, “Vision is seeing God at work where you are and participating with Him in it.” Personally,  I see Third reaching out
intergenerationally in a way that allows everyone — regardless of status, station, age, or background — to participate, to be known, and to be cared for.  From youngsters to oldsters, everyone has something to give, and I believe God is inviting us to share the gifts He has given us  each other and the world. I guess the question is, “What do you see, where do you see God at work?”

Tell us about your family and hobbies.

Ive been blessed with  a wonderful family. As a single woman who has always desired to marry, it has been an unexpected gift to have to learn how to be family in the midst of my aloneness and delayed desire. This has been Gods plan, and though life has thrown me its curves, I can look back and see His hand. And yes, along the way Ive unofficially adopted many people in my life; and Ive delighted in growing and becoming who He has me to be, here and now.

Hobbies?  People, cultures, the arts, learning.  I absolutely love children and I enjoy laughing with friends, seeing a good movie, or savoring ethnic foods!

What person would you most likely be mistaken for?

Oh my! Im not sure.  Ask any of my former Spanish language and culture/ESL majors from Houghton, Bluffton, or George Mason.  They always did great impersonations of their professors!