Laura King


Class of 2014

Service: Hospitality

How are you serving at Third?

I am currently serving as a Deacon at Third and my committee is being the lead for the Hospitality Ministry.  I am also co-serving with the 11th grade girls in Student Ministry and helping monthly in the Little Lambs
(2 year old) class.

Where do you see God moving in Third?

During my work with the youth, it has been awesome to see how God moves through our younger generation!  I started with my girls in 8th grade and it has been awesome to see the change of teaching them to now learning from what they are saying to me!  I am excited to see where God leads each of them in the future!

What are your spiritual gifts?

I definitely have the gift of administration!  I am very good at organizing and following through on projects in a logical sequence which I use in overseeing the hospitality ministry (making sure we have servers at each Sunday and each service).  I also love to use the gift of serving whenever possible and like to be able to help others in anyway I can.

Tell us about your hobbies and family

My family consists of my grandma, mom, dad, older sister, younger brother, brother in law and 3 nephews (and various aunts, uncles and cousins!)  My nephews are a big part of my life currently and I go visit whenever I can to help out!  In my spare time, I love to travel and have visited over 20 states and over 10 different countries.  I also enjoying cooking and baking when I have the time too!

If you were a Superhero, which one would you be, and why?

If I were a superhero, I would probably be Blink because she has the ability to teleport, so I could go anywhere in the "blink of an eye" which would make traveling so much easier for me!

What famous person are you most likely to be mistaken for?

None really but everyone around Third mistakes me for Kristi Beabout and in my opinion, she should be famous!

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

It would probably be pizza if I could still have some variety on the toppings!