Together for Tanzania

The seed of TFT was planted in 1956 when God called Jeanette Brannan at age 13 to be a missionary in Africa. Decades later, a mission trip to Tanzania in 2008 changed her life and the lives of many children and adults in Tanzania. God opened doors never imagined to form a volunteer organization that would provide educational, medical and missional support to people throughout the country.

The Board of Directors provides strategic vision, planning, and teams with Tanzanian pastors, educators, physicians, and businessmen to identify the greatest needs and the best approach for assistance and relief. Currently, TFT sponsors the education of 80 students in preschool through masters programs. Many of these students are in private schools, providing them better opportunities to reach their academic potential and prepare for a career. Several students have received bachelors and masters degrees and are now productive community leaders as well as essential TFT leaders.

TFT has a history of strong support of education in the areas of nursing and higher medical training. They have begun a signi cant partnership with the recently founded Mount Mbeya Medical College, which will serve nursing and pharmacy students and, in time, medical students. The construction of Save Life English Medium School, which will target orphans and other disadvantaged children in southern Tanzania, will begin in 2018.

TFT has also funded several deep wells and is currently having a very deep well dug in the driest area of Tanzania. These wells service hundreds of people in each village and positively impact the economy of the area.