Steve & Janice Quakenbush

SIL International

Steve and Janice Quakenbush are part of an international team providing knowledge and expert services to help language communities worldwide gain access to the scriptures in the languages and media that speak to their hearts. After many years of service in the Philippines, they now serve from Grand Rapids, Michigan. In his role as Global Scripture Access Services Director with SIL International (Wycliffe’s primary partner organization), Steve leads a globally distributed team of specialists in Bible translation, scripture engagement, anthropology, ethnomusicology and arts, language and culture learning, local language media, Bible storying, and Bible-based trauma healing. They design and provide training and knowledge resources that help equip Bible translators around the world.

From 1984 to 2004, Steve and Janice were part of the Agutaynen translation team in the Philippines, where they helped begin and complete the translation of the New Testament into that language. During their years in the Philippines, Janice had several education-related roles, rst homeschooling their own children and later as an educational therapist for children with learning disabilities. One of Steve’s current areas of focus is helping mission agencies and others understand and respond to ways that multilingualism and migration impact patterns of language use in general, and effective scripture engagement strategies and products in particular.