Shelter of Love Orphanage

Shelter of Love was begun under the leadership of Sue Singleton in 2005, in response to the needs of children who were suffering from the effects of poverty and abuse. There are currently 62 resident children and 17 staff members, one a former resident of SOL. Many of the children are from homes that simply cannot provide for them. A grandmother once approached the staff and asked if they would accept a newborn. When told the baby was welcome, she said, “If you had said no, I was going to throw him in the river because I cannot feed him.”

At Shelter of Love, children are given clothing, food, shelter and education. Many of them have never attended school, and they are brought up to the proper grade level. Daily class offerings include English and scripture. They learn to play musical instruments and to use computers and sewing machines. A woodworking program provides the opportunity for boys to craft and sell wooden items. Students plant and raise some of their own food in a greenhouse on site. Several of the students have graduated from high school and gone on to jobs, trade school or college, in fields including business management, tourism, veterinary science and chemistry.