SAT-7 is a strategic evangelical ministry of five satellite TV channels that reach out with the gospel message to millions of people living in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region. SAT-7 sends broadcasts to 25 countries in Arabic, Farsi and Turkish and is free of charge, free to air, easy to access, and safe for viewers to watch in remote areas and restricted countries. SAT-7 has gained respect and credibility over its 21 years of ministry, and its viewing audience has surpassed 21 million.

Security and protection are growing concerns as many recent attacks have targeted Christians in Egypt and other Arabic-speaking countries. The change of leadership in Turkey also may result in more restrictions on the freedom of media.

SAT-7 Academy, the most recently added channel, provides basic education to millions of displaced and refugee children from Syria and Iraq who currently have no access to schooling. Short-term goals of SAT-7 include 1) engaging more churches to embrace its ministry, 2) raising the bar of partnership in helping local churches in the MENA region add and equip new believers to their membership, and 3) seeking resources to continue producing needed programs for all of their channels.