Ryan & Vanessa

Ryan and Vanessa live in North Cyprus with their four children. He currently oversees teams and ministries in Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and North Cyprus. In North Cyprus he serves as a pastor of a Turkish and international church and leads Exile Ministry Training, which is training Christians for ministry in the Muslim world.

In 2016 Ryan was deported from Turkey for the work he and his team were doing in Ankara, where he had lived for 10 years. He continues to serve as the international director of Filipus Ministry Training, which has programs in Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Kazakhstan. Filipus focuses on character formation in the context of community, borrowing from the example of communal monasticism that was born in that part of the world. He has started two coffee companies that are serving to bene t the work of ministry training in the region. He has recently started a small wine production in North Cyprus.

During his time in Ankara, Ryan founded Ankara Refugee Ministry, which continues to serve more than 5,000 refugees with food, clothing, first aid, training, and spiritual support and resources. That project also includes a small textile business which is training and supporting women to produce a variety of products. Out of that ministry, a new Arabic-speaking fellowship was recently planted in Ankara.