Rollin & Wendy Grams


United World Mission

Approval has been recently received to develop the PhD program, a goal when the ministry started in South Africa in 2011-2012. UWM has established a training center for interns named East Mountain, which reaches out to ministries in the area. This will provide housing for the residencies of PhD students who will come for short periods during the year, primarily from South Asia and Africa. This past year has been one of working through the arrangements with Stellenbosch University, funding, promotion of the degree, taking applications, etc.

Addressing the theological/ethical crisis in the Anglican Church in Southern Africa has been a rocky road. A conference for orthodox Christians in this denomination had to be canceled and a different strategy is being worked out. A considerable amount of work goes into planning the best way forward in this effort of church renewal and defense of orthodoxy. A major planning meeting will be held in October 2018.

Rollin has also been asked to explore helping SIM’s new effort at engaging churches (mostly immigrant churches) in the UK by teaching on missions. They seek to engage broadly, in part because the PhD students are coming from these other regions as well.

Rollin’s blog has become an important part of his ministry. He began it to provide some thoughtful material for former students in Eastern Europe and Russia several years ago. Last fall, the number of blog hits grew considerably, to around 6,000 hits a month from around the world.