Paul & Reinhild Sydnor

International Association for Refugees

Paul serves as the European leader for the International Association for Refugees. As an ordained Presbyterian pastor and a co-founder of the Refugee Highway Partnership (RHP) in Europe, Paul has helped to build church-based ministries among refugees and asylum seekers throughout Europe since 1985. He also serves on the executive team of the Global Diaspora Network of the Lausanne Movement. Paul has also come alongside a number of refugee leaders over the years to strengthen and support them in their own efforts, including leaders from Europe, the Middle East and parts of Africa.

Reinhild is originally from Germany and has served refugees mostly through the home. She loves to engage in theological discussions around the table. The Sydnors have three grown kids raised in three different countries. Paul has completed the MDiv and MA Counseling (Gordon-Conwell) and recently a PhD at the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies about the intersection of forced displacement and faith.

The Sydnors live in Lille, France, where they are working with local churches to open a center for holistic refugee ministry.