Myrna McLaughlin

Least of These Ministries

After a long and satisfying career as a nurse in Richmond, Myrna established Least of These Ministries in 2000 to bring health and hope to the people of the world. For the past 15 years she has traveled to rural Zimbabwe, whose residents suffer from severe problems of food shortage, lack of employment and inadequate transportation.

LOTM helps to supply food ef ciently and stimulates the economy by buying crops locally and distributing food to those in need. They provide medication, especially to the needy elderly suffering from hypertension, diabetes and epilepsy. They teach rst aid classes to rural villagers, enabling them to assist their neighbors who live far from medical help. Importantly, they preach the good news of Jesus Christ and personally bring the message to these people that they are not forgotten by God or the American people.

The ministry's African Coordinator is Mr. Jesse Zvikonyaikwa, who is currently attending the University of Zimbabwe Agricultural College to better equip him to help the community.

While in-country, Myrna lives with family in California.